Restful Nights Trillium Queen Size Pillow Set (2 Queen Pillows)

$ 69.97 $ 95.99

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  • 230 thread count, 100% cotton fabric
  • 2 Queen Pillows 20x30
  • Double-needle corded edge for durability

The Restful Nights Trillium pillow contains blown gel fiber. Trillium pillows are an excellent alternative to soft down and feather pillows. These gel fiber pillows are moldable and shape to the form that you want. At the same time this line of polyester pillows retain their support and shape. This versatility makes the Trillium pillow a good choice for those looking for a soft, shapeable pillow. Moreover, this line of gel fiber pillows have a 230 thread count fabric. This robust fabric ensures that any Trillium gel fiber pillow is extremely durable and will have a long life. Design - Soft support polyester synthetic pillow. Ideal for any sleep position. Fabric - 230 Thread Count 100% cotton. Fill - 100% polyester fiber, blown gel fiber.Construction - Single chamber design. Tick - 230 thread count, 100% cotton fabric. Edge - Double needle corded edge. Care Instructions - Machine wash and dry. Price includes 2 queen pillows

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