Bliss Lemon & Sage Soap Lot of 10 Each 1oz Bars. Total of 10oz

$ 22.97

  • Total of 10oz
  • Ten 1oz bars

Indulge in the invigorating scent of lemon and sage with Bliss Lemon & Sage Soap. This lot includes 10 each 1oz bars of soap, each one made with a blend of natural ingredients that gently cleanses and moisturizes your skin.

The refreshing lemon and sage scent is perfect for awakening your senses in the morning or refreshing your body after a long day. The soap's formula is enriched with glycerin, a natural humectant that helps to lock in moisture and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

These compact bars are perfect for travel, gym bags, or on-the-go use. The small size fits easily into your purse, briefcase, or backpack, so you can enjoy the benefits of Bliss Lemon & Sage Soap wherever you go.

Bliss Lemon & Sage Soap is free from parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, making it gentle and safe for all skin types. Whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, this soap will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Enjoy the bright, uplifting scent of lemon and sage every day with this lot of 10 each 1oz bars of Bliss Lemon & Sage Soap.