Hermes Soap - Eau d'Orange Verte Luxury Perfumed Gift Boxed Soap Imported From Hermes Paris - Citrus and Mint Fragrance - 3.5 Ounces / 100 Grams - Gift Boxed Perfumed Soap / Savon Parfume

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  • One 3.5oz Bar

This new and boxed HermÃs Eau d'Orange Verte Savon Parfume / Perfumed Soap is 3.5 ounces /100 grams. Each Soap is contained in a beautiful reclosable dark green acrylic 2-piece box with HERMÃS PARIS and the logo on the front. Inside the acrylic case, the Soap is sealed in plastic wrap for freshness and presentation. HermÃs Paris' imported classic Eau d' Orange Verte is a fresh fragrance from world famous HermÃs de Paris, Paris, France. The HermÃs Eau d'Orange Verte scent was created to blend harmoniously with the "Art de vivre" of today's men and women. They are created with natural products and are safe for naturally sensitive skin. Refreshing with a harmony of citruses, wood and mint, HermÃs Eau d Orange Verte is a classic fragrance for Men and Women. Verte is a citrus chypre containing Hesperides (tangerine, lemon, mint) to give liveliness and energy; Flowers (tuberose, rose, jasmine, honeysuckle, wild rose, white lily, lily of the valley, gardenia) enriched with the essence of tropical fruits, to yield a very modern perfume, rich and generous; and A light woody background (patchouli, cedar, oak moss, sandalwood, birch bark) to ensure a discrete and subtitle persistence. HermÃs notes they are created with natural products and are safe for naturally sensitive skin. About HermÃs: Fragrance has been a part of the history of the house of HermÃs since the 1930s. In the library of HermÃs perfumes, every creation tells a story, opens up an imaginary world. As both artisan and artist, HermÃs demonstrates through its creations the excellence of its craftsmanship and style; audacious and harmonious, timeless and elegant. About Eau dÀ™Orange Verte: HermÃs' first cologne: the bright and green freshness of orange combined with woody undertones. The founding cologne, created by Francoise Caron in 1979 and inspired by the smell of undergrowth moist with morning dew, Eau dÀ™Orange Verte has since asserted itself as an emblem of HermÃs, standing out by its distinctive freshness.