Three (3) Luxury Hermes Jumbo Soaps Eau d'Orange Verte Gift Soap From Hermes Paris 5.2oz

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  • Eau d'Orange Verte is a classic fragrance for men or women.
  • Each Jumbo Hermes d' Orange Verte Savon Parfume (Perfumed Soap) is 5 Ounces /150 Grams
  • The luxurious and delicious Eau d' Orange Verte scent of Hermes Paris is unmistakable. Refreshing with harmony of citruses, wood and mint, Hermes Verte is a classic fragrance. We love these products and so do our customers!

Each new and boxed Jumbo Hermes d' Orange Verte Savon Parfume (Perfumed Soap)
is 5 ounces (150 grams). Each soap is sealed in its own plastic and topped
with an orange Hermes Paris sticker. Each soap is contained in a beautiful
reclosable dark green acrylic 2-piece box with HERMS PARIS and the logo on
the front. Hermes Paris' imported classic Eau d' Orange Verte is a fresh
fragrance from world famous Hermes de Paris, Paris, France. The Hermes Eau d'
Orange Verte scent was created to blend harmoniously with the "Art de vivre"
of today's men and women. Eau d' Orange Verte Products do not contain bergamot
or any substance that could induce allergic reactions to the sun. They are
created with natural products and are safe for naturally sensitive skin.

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